Monday, May 28, 2007

Update to travels

After we left Patzcuaro we headed for Uruapan. This has got to be one of the dirtiest cities I have ever seen. Even the people walking around town looked dirty. Like homeless ground in dirty. We checked out one hotel and decided to move on and give it a miss. We diverted and headed for Lake Chapala, an unscheduled stop.

Enjoyed our brief stay there but do not understand what people see is so great about it. The lake is dirty and the water level is way down, due to demand from other cities.

Next morning headed to Guadelahara. A city of 4 million people. Looked at a few hotels and decided that we really do not like big cities. Out we headed again. Landed in Aguascalientes for longer than we thought.

B came down ill there with much the same symptoms as L just had. Great. Another extra day waiting for somebody to recover. I suppose I am next to get it but sure hope not!

Currently we are in Durango and loving it. Great city and the landscape around here is breathtaking and much to my liking. Straight out of a cowboy movie. Speaking of which, went to a movie set today and were greatly disappointed.

Tomorrow morning head for Mazatlan and the Pacific Coast. Then north to catch the train to the Copper Canyon. More fun ahead!

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