Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another day, another town

I can safely say that I was not impressed with Morelia. Some beautiful archetecture there of the neoclassical kind. Lots of history but the town (city?) itself is totally lacking in personality and/or character. Spent two nights in two different hotels, that were not cheap by the way, and they were, to put it mildly, pure shit. Not so much the accomodation but the attitude of management and the noise levels. I am quickly coming to the opinion that the Mexican people do not know how to behave politely or courteously in hotels. They run in the hallways and yell to each other and play their loud music ALL NIGHT LONG! No thought or consideration given to other guests at all. And management just turns a blind eye to it all. (insert heavy sigh here!)

In contrast, Patzcuaro is a lovely little town full of parks and quaint little streets. The people are overly friendly and the shopping is incredible. Good thing we are travelling in a little VW Pointer or I would have 3 new rocking chairs for my front porch! Our hotel is right on the Plaza Grande and the room is very nice. Good thing because we have to stay an extra day here. Why, you ask?

Seasoned, veteran, should know better fellow traveller L bought a slice of pizza from a street cafe after arriving yesterday. Withing two hours he was complaining of stomach cramps and shortly after was hit with a round of vomiting. We had to get him four kinds of drugs to combat his symptoms and he spent a horrible night fighting off the effects of massive food poisoning. Lots of vomiting and diarrhea. High fever, chills, the whole nine yards. He is better today but still very weak. We managed to get some chicken soup down him this afternoon. We decided to stay an extra day to allow him to more fully recover.

Meanwhile, B and I have been shopping til we drop. This is a great city for shopping. Everything is within easy walking distance of the hotel. I am totally jealous that the people who live here get to take advantage of the great municipal market.

And yes, we have done some sight seeing here too! Next stop Uruapan and then on to Guadalahara.

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Hollito said...

Wayne, have not been here for a few days, but I carefully read every entry you write. Hope "L" is back on the track now. Have fun, and keep writing! :-)

When you are in Guadalajara and find the time, please visit this Restaurant, it belongs to our friend Wolf, who originally came from Berlin but lives in MX for about 30 years:

Carne & Hueso (was: Las costillas de Sancho)
AV. Vallarta 1920.
Tel. 36 16 41 05

You will not be disappointed! :-)

Regards from Germany, Hollito