Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spending money

Yesterday is what I call a money day. Not as in the making some kind but in the spending lots kind! I finally got Simon over to the vet for his final shot. The rabies. Although I have never heard of a single case of rabies on the island, I thought it best to protect him. That set me back 200 pesos, or about $20. (the dollar keeps dropping!!)

Later in the day B and I took the car to the refrigerator repairman. I know, sounds silly. He is the only guy on the island who understands and does refrigeration work. And guess what the car air conditioner is classified as down here? Forty-five minutes after pulling up in front of his house, we had air again! It seems so strange and yet so normal for a guy like that to just bring his tools out to the street and work on your car. It cost me 300 pesos for parts (the gas refrigerant) and another 300 pesos for labor. Considering where we are and the economy here, I thought the labor charge was a bit excessive. I think we were once again victims of the double standard here of Mexican vs. Gringo prices.

This afternoon we receive our final friend visitors for awhile. Someone B used to work with and has known practically forever. She is bringing her new boyfriend whom we have never met. Of course, they are staying next door in the cabana so it will be easy to visit. We do have some other friends coming down in early June but, alas, we will not be here to visit with them. Too bad since I really like them and don't get a chance to see them very often.

Ok, tomorrow pictures of dolphins!

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