Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Trip Map

Well here it is. A map of our proposed itinerary. Quite ambitious, don't you think? Our route is outlined in orange highlighter. We'll start from Cancun and follow the top line over to the coast then later it will be the bottom line along the coast to return.
Here are some of the cities we plan to visit along the way:
Oaxaca, Taxco, Toluca, Morelia, Patzcuaro, Uruapan, Guadalajara, Aguas Calientes, Durango, Matzatlan, Los Mochis, where we will catch a train to Creel and spend a few days visiting the Copper Canyon, then back to Los Mochis and take a 5 hour ferry across the Sea of Cortez to Baja, La Paz, Todo Santos, Cabo San Lucas, back to the mainland and down to San Blas, Chacala, Sayulita, Puerto Vallarta, Barra de Navidad, Manzanillo, Zihuatanejo, Acapulco, Puerto Escondido, Huatulco, Chiapas de Corzo and then meander northward towards home and Cancun again.
It should be a fun, educational and exhausting trip. Now you know why we have slotted 7 weeks for it!
Again, a note to would be burglars: Our house will be totally boarded up, anything of value will be stored elsewhere and the house will be guarded and patrolled.


Billie said...

Looks like a great trip. It will be HOT in the Canyon. We were on the rim of the Canyon once in the summer and they would not take us down to the bottom because it was so hot. I hope you'll be able to do trip reports along the way.

kimonchan said...

that sounds interesting
welcome to my blog

Hollito said...

Well, ambitious is the right word for this. I was in MX several times, but have only been to a few of the places...
Will you be writing travel reports for your blog? If so, I recommend to get a used Palm handheld, for example a M125 (runs on normal batteries!) It`s the best way to write short notices or even complete reports without having a laptop in the luggage. Had my M130 with me last time in MX and will never go to holidays without it. :-)
In Zihua we were in a nice little hotel, check my blog for this. Very quiet, but just a 10 minute walk away from the center.

Wow, 7 weeks...I wish I had as much time for exploring this country! But, I always say: You can never see enough of MX, there are so many places to visit...
What kind of car will you take for the trip?
Hopefully we will visit MX again for a few weeks at the beginning of 2008...