Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Questions and Comments to Readers

I will be posting to the blog as we travel. Nothing to long or involved, just updating as to where I am, what we may have seen, that kind of thing. I am quite well known in my circle of friends for writing of my Mexican adventures! Just ask any of them.....especially R in Toronto! Last year we spent 2 weeks in Costa Rica and it took me 50 chapters to tell the story of our adventure! I plan to write up the account of this adventure but not sure if I will post it to the blog or just send it to interested friends. We'll see.

A question to my computer smart readers: I absolutely HATE Windows Vista!! I have the CD that came with my last computer for restoring Windows XP. Can I just put it in this computer and overwrite Vista and have my old operating system back???


Rick D. said...
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Rick D. said...

Yes, you should be able to use the disk that came with your previous computer but you will need to use the serial # associated with that copy of XP. Possible problems: The CD you have may only work in computers manufactured by that company who provided the restore CD. You should, if it works, be able to user the serial # as MS allows for (I believe) up to 2 installations of XP for personal use.

Billie said...

I'm voting for long blog posts along the journey.

Hollito said...

Wayne, have a look at this page:

Just in case you actually do not have a CD at hand. ;-)

BTW: Naughty people have written a lot of small programs to deactivate the registration and activation processes of XP... ;-)
Google with a few keywords will tell you more...

I'll leave the decision to write small or large reports to you, as it is your travel...
From my experience I know that it gets very annoying to write up small notices or a summary every day.
But the more you will tell us, the more interesting it will be, I am shure. :-)

Have a nice weekend! :-)