Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dolphins in the Square

One day a few weeks ago B had to go downtown to the grocery store. This is located on the north side of our new town square. We used to have a very typically Mexican square. A small bandshell in the middle with the spokes radiating out from it. Benches along the paths, topiaries, palm trees. It was quite cozy. The new Mayor, whom I like very much, decided we needed something new. So they bulldozed it down and replaced it with this ugly piece of crap. Complete with dancing musical fountain which they hardly ever turn on because the wind coming off the ocean blows the water everywhere! I haven't spoken to one person who likes the new sterile square. What was she thinking!!! At any rate, B came home and said "You have got to grab your camera and get to the square! They have dolphins on display and it would be great for your blog!". Well, I am always open to suggestion so off I went. This is what greeted me:

A bunch of fiberglass dolphins all painted up. Sort of like in the USA when they did the cows, pigs, buffalo and, in Minnesota, Linus and Lucy since Charles Schultz hailed from St. Paul. Each one had a little plague with the artists' name. Nothing else. No explanation as to why these things were painted in the first place. Nothing about the artist or why they chose to paint their dolphin as they did. Nothing, nada, zilch.

Since we live on an island, I thought this one was the best.

The rest of them could have been left on the truck. I can only assume that these were done by serious, "professional" artists. Most of them look like they were done by somebody in first year elementary school art class. So take a look and see what you think.

Finally, I leave you with this one. I think when he heard the directive to paint a dolphin, he didn't quite get the concept. He just "painted a dolphin".

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