Friday, May 18, 2007

In the city of silver

Arrived in Tasco late yesterday afternoon. It was a long, but beautiful drive from Oaxaca to get here. Went through some of the most beautiful mountain country I have ever seen. Tasco is interesting but a maze of little streets and alleys. Did I mention steep? It is built on the side of a mountain and it is stairs and steep climbs everywhere, which is hard for me. Due to his excellent Spanish, L was able to ask various taxi drivers about silver workshops. We actually got to visit a little workshop and see the entire process from mold making to polishing. More about that when I get home in another 5 weeks or so. Went to the top of one of the mountains ringing this city in a cable car today. It was a long way down but what a view. Sure wish I could post some pictures but that will come later.

Off to Morelia tomorrow morning. Sure hope that it is flat there!

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