Friday, May 04, 2007

Food Day

It seemed like all we did yesterday was eat. Being Thursday, we hightailed it out of here once O showed up to clean. We picked up our friend Carlos who had promised to go with us for carnitas for breakfast. We have never had them.

Carnitas are basically pieces of pork that are deep fried in a giant vat of lard and then chopped up into little pieces. Ours were served as tacos with a side helping of chicharones. For the uninitiated, chicharones are what I call pig puffs. Deep fried pieces of pork skin. Yummy! The better quality ones as least have all the hair pulled off before they fry it. There were also three bowls of salsa on the side. A mild green one made from tomatillos, a deep burgundy one made from chipolte (smoked Jalapenos) and the third was bright, blood red. And hot as fire.

We were still too early to return home so we dragged Carlos along with us to the municipal market. Had to pick up a few things for later. From there we went to a local coffee shop downtown and had a cappuccino and watched the sleepy tourists go by.

We were having our friends who are staying in the cabana over for happy hour later so I made a homemade salsa. I was not sure how hot to make it since they probably are not acclimatized to spicy like we are. So I only added two Jalapenos to the mix. We thought it was really bland but they scarfed up on it. After we had a bit of a buzz going from the Margaritas, we headed over to the baseball field for tacos.

We have a huge, regulation size baseball field in the center of the island. One side of it has tall cement bleachers. Under these bleachers is a taco restaurant. It is busy every night at least until 2am. Taxi drivers eat there a lot. The tacos are really great. They also have bowl after bowl of condiments for you to choose from. It ends up being a total meal for about $1 per taco. Oh...they also have desserts! I had the chocolate flan.

We got back home about 10pm and I was still hungry! So what did I do? I ate the final 5 Girl Scout Mint cookies we have been saving. A friend brings them down to us each year and we freeze them and dole them out like the little treasures they are. Except she couldn't make it down this year so we are cookieless for another year. (insert heavy sigh here)

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