Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What's for Lunch?

Lunchtime usually isn't very impressive around here. Usually it's leftovers or sandwiches. Today was something a little different....well for some of us anyway.

L had mentioned last week that he used to eat sushi alot when he was living in England. I know a lot of people like it, but as far as I'm concerned, you might as well eat this:
At any rate, B found some sheets of seaweed and they were off and running today. Inventing their own form of sushi, since we didn't have a bucket of bait just handily lying around. L made some tunafish (gag me!) and some gooey rice. Then he sliced some cucumbers into really tiny strips (gag me again!) and got out a tube of wasabi sauce.
I did take a small whiff of the seaweed sheets. How do I describe the smell? Oh, I know. It's kind of like that smell you notice just before you say to a parent, "Here. You take the baby. I think he needs changing!"
They chowed down and really seemed to enjoy it.
I had tomato soup.

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