Tuesday, April 03, 2007

How did you bet?

Well, I got my answer to yesterday's question. If you bet I would never see my gas tank again, you were wrong! I am so verrrrrry pleased to be able to say that! I was stressing all day and last night over the stupid thing. The gas truck was just here, same guy and everything. And I got my same tank back! This is unusual. Usually they just exchange an empty for a full one. Maybe this is the new system and why it takes a day to get your tank back.

I asked again about an extra tank. He said he would bring me one next month when they get more in at Cancun. Ya know what? I believe him! I wonder though why the shortage of tanks?

In other news, plans for the big trip are progessing nicely. Route is all set and now we are researching hotels. Planning a trip with an (ex) professional tour guide is a lot of work! He is so organized about everything. I'm the type to just get in the car and head out. See where the road leads us. He wants everything routed out and fall back options. I'm not complaining. Every trip we have taken with him has been fantastic. Probably in most part due to his planning. We certainly pack a lot into the time allotted for travel. This time will be a little different though. We don't really have an end date. We'll return home when we are tired of travelling or think we have seen everything we set out to see. I'm tired already!

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