Thursday, April 05, 2007

Summer morning?

It's eerily calm this morning. Not a breath of air stirring. No palm trees blowing in the wind, no big waves, nothing. I have gotten so used to the wind constantly blowing for these past many months that this calmness seems weird. Almost spooky. It's more like an August morning than April. Even though the weather report says a high of 78F today, it already feels like it is going to be a scorcher.

I can tell when summer is coming. The sun is higher now so plants on the back patio have to be moved around. The shade lovers have to be replaced to be (mostly) in the shade. And the cement patio is so hot by mid-day that one has to wear shoes when walking around the patio. I tried it once with no shoes and burnt the bottom of my feet. They actually peeled! Not a pleasant experience.

Late last night somebody drove into our driveway and parked. I thought it was somebody just visiting next door. People do that all the time when visiting them. I heard noises all night long. Car doors slamming, people talking and, of course, what with the burglar scare, I was up and at the windows at every little sound. Not a very good night for sleeping. I looked out this morning and what do I see? Some Mexicans have camped on the beach across the street! I know this is done throughout Mexico on Easter week, but not here. It is illegal to camp on any beach and, in fact, it is illegal to even be on the beach after dark! Go figure. I hope the cops make them leave. They are a noisy bunch.

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