Friday, April 06, 2007

Battery Power

Strange morning. Beautiful, but strange.

We had a rainstorm come through last night. Started out as just a gentle springlike shower but developed into an honest to goodness torrential downpour. We needed some rain.

Everything has cooled down considerably this morning. It is only 72F and the sun is trying its' best to burn off all the clouds and peek through. The ocean is beautiful. Here and there it is dotted with circles of white light where the sun is able to part the clouds enough to shine down. The water is so calm. Little itty bitty waves lapping at the shoreline, almost like they are just too tired this morning to make the effort. As I scan the horizon, I can see little black dots scattered about. These are probably fishing boats. When it is calm like this they are everywhere, taking advantage of this period when the sea seems to be taking a nap.

There is hardly any traffic going by either. Usually it is a parade of assorted scooters and cars. In the fifteen minutes I was sitting on the front porch, I only saw three scooters go by. Weird. But then I remembered that today is also Good Friday. Maybe people are taking the day off work or going in late? Doubt that though.

Something must have happened to the power overnight. We still have some but it is definitely a brown out. Enough power to run the coffee pot, thank goodness. Not enough to run the laptops. We are all on battery power this morning. It's almost like the whole island is on battery power this morning. Everything working, but just a little slower and not as bright.

I like mornings like this.

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