Monday, April 02, 2007

Crappy Morning

Five months ago I wrote about the saga of obtaining a replacement tank of LP gas. Well, folks, the system hasn't gotten any better. If anything, it has gotten worse.

Saturday, always in the middle of cooking dinner, we ran out of gas. L managed to do a fine job of cooking a meal using a hot plate and the electric fry pan. Last night we went downtown and ate "on the square". On Sunday nights, various food vendors set up shop and sell tacos, empanadas, floutas, etc.

This morning we were up and had the gas tank loaded and were at the car ferry waiting for the 9am arrival. This is the first one from Cancun in the morning and the gas truck is always on it. Wrong.

After much head scratching and asking around, we discovered that there is now a ferry from Cancun at 5am! Not posted or listed at all on the departure/arrival schedule. The gas truck was on this and was now cruising around the island somewhere. One guy said that they have been sitting at the garbage dump lately so maybe we could find them there.

We raced out to the dump but no truck. Nothing to do but drive around and look for it. Most people can simply put their empty tank at the curb and the truck will stop and exchange it. We used to be able to do this also but, for some reason, the truck no longer comes by our house. Go figure. I guess they think Gringos don't use gas.

We located one gas truck downtown. The big one that fills commercial tanks for restaurants. We asked the driver about the truck that delivers individual tanks. He said it doesn't deliver on Sunday or Monday. Great. Next truck will be tomorrow morning. On the 5am or 9am ferry? He looked at me like I had just asked him the final Jeopardy question or something. Of course, he had no idea.

So back home, unloaded the empty tank into the bodega and got the keys for the scooter. I had to go to the grocery store and see what I could find that I could cook tonight using the electric fry pan. On my home, what should I see but the gas truck that I was told was not on the island!

I pulled up to it and said I needed two tanks of gas. He said he would follow me home. Great!

He pulled up in front of the house and I got the tank out of the bodega. He loaded it onto the back of the truck and strapped it in. He looked at me. I looked at him. Finally he said I needed to pay the driver 192 pesos. But, I said, I need two tanks. How much for two? Then he told me that he did not have any extra tanks. Ok, no problem, just give me the one. Pay first, he says. So I went to the driver and paid my money. I returned to the back of the truck and was told that they will deliver my full tank tomorrow! Not only that, I could not have the extra tank that I requested! Well, not until next month anyway. Seems there is a shortage in Cancun.

I asked for a receipt for the tank I paid for. Again that stare. I asked again. Just a shrug of the shoulders. No receipt proving that I paid, no name of the guy who took the tank and the truck had no number on it.

Any bets as to whether or not I get a tank of gas delivered tomorrow?


John H said...

Wayne, this is what I've come to love about Mexico. Everything up north is so reliable, predictable, boring. Here in Mexico, you just never know.

Hopefully you'll get your gas tank tomorrow. Or maybe you'll get an excuse why you can't have it then, that you'll use as a topic for another post. It's a win-win, No?

wayne said...

I can think of better things to blog about! I'd rather have gas. The burning kind. I mean the kind you cook with. But you are right, never a dull moment!