Saturday, March 31, 2007

Seen on Isla

Visitors to the island may have seen this statue and wondered who it is. There is a small plaque on it but it doesn't tell you much.

This is probably Isla's most famous son, Juan Bravo. Those of us who grew up watching the Jacques Cousteau specials can thank him for introducing the outside world to the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks. This is located about 30 miles out, off the eastern coast of the island. He is credited with telling Mr. Cousteau about it and then actually leading him to it. From a simple fisherman to a valuable member of Cousteau's crew. Not bad.

We happened to be vacationing here several years ago when he died. I remember the funeral procession went on for blocks and blocks. We didn't know who had died at the time but we figured it was somebody either very important or very well liked.

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