Friday, April 13, 2007

Computer woes

My laptop died. I turned it off as normal on Thursday night. Today it would not boot up. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I called Gateway support (thank goodness for Skype!) They tried to help but, like most "support" situations, they could do nothing. Take it to an authorized dealer they said. Yeah, easier said than done. I think the closest Best Buy is in Miami! The friendly, but difficult to understand, support person told me that if all else fails, I could simply load my recovery discs and start over. Tried that. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Soooo, don't know what I am going to do. I'll probably end up having to buy a new computer. I've been in agony all day over it. Guess I'll see if I can find some computer whiz to take a look at it. I hate the thought of loosing everything that is stored on it and not backed up on a CD. Until then, I will not be blogging for awhile. Check back once in awhile. I shall return. Just not sure when.


Hollito said...

Hi Wayne,
found your blog via Am always interested in reports and stories from MX, as my wife is from Mexico City. Will read the rest of your blog entries in the next days.
I wish you good luck with your laptop (could be a corrosion problem caused by the salty air...)!

Regards from Germany, Hollito

wayne said...

Danke für die Anmerkung. Ich denke, daß Sie korrekt sind. Es ist das Salz. Ich wette, Sie nicht wußten, daß ich Deutsches spreche! Ich halte, deutsche Wörter in meine spanischen Sätze einzusetzen. Das verwirrt jeder!

Hollito said...

Surprise, surprise! :-)
The second Blogger from the USA who lives in MX and speaks German...first one was "Don Geingo" in Catemaco, see . For whatever reason he has deactivated the comment option, so it is more or less a one-way-blog.
Hope you are online soon again, I really like your photos and blog entries.
¡Nos vemos! Hollito

Hollito said...

"Don Gringo" I wanted to type. :-|