Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I smell bacon!

Well, ok, maybe not today. But soon! I heard a big truck go by yesterday and over the roar of the broken muffler, I could hear the squealing. I looked out the door and saw this:
Yup, solid proof that the slaughterhouse a few doors down is up and running. The rest of the afternoon was spent listening to them squeal in terror and, most likely, pain. I do feel sorry for them. On the other hand, I loves my bacon!
In other news, I thought we were having a hurricane last night. I woke up around 2am to the fiercest winds I have ever heard....including when we stayed locked in the house and listened to Hurricane Emily blow over us for 12 hours. Power was out and it was pitch black everywhere. I grabbed a flashlight and checked my watch, that's how I know what time it was. The wind was coming from the west, out of Cancun. That alone was strange enough. There was a strange light outside, almost like a full moon but of course that could not be. I have no idea what was giving off that much light. The lightening was flashing every few seconds. Quite the show. I was really, really surprised to get up this morning and find no damage whatsoever. I thought for sure our cactus garden would be a shredded mess. No evidence that the wind had even been here.
The answer to yesterday's picture puzzle: It is a puddle of trapped sea water slowly desalinating. You can see the shards of salt forming in the water and the dried salt on the edges. Isn't nature great!

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