Monday, April 16, 2007

Back soon!

I bit the bullet this weekend and went online and bought a new computer from Best Buy. Sight unseen. I ended up buying another Gateway. Even though my old one has now bit the dust, I like it a lot better than the HP's I used to have. I just realized that this will be my 4th laptop in 3 years! They sure don't last long down here with the salt that gets into everything. B is still using the HP he bought 2 years ago. He really hasn't had any problems with it, except that the keyboard stopped working about 8 months into it! Since then he has had to use an external keyboard. Pain in the arse.

I hate the thought that I have lost everything on my old computer and also have to reload everything onto the new one when I get it. And having to learn all new stuff since there is a newer version of Windows preloaded on the one I am getting. I'll reload my Canon Photo software since it took me forever to learn how to use it and I finally understand it. I am just getting too old, or set in my ways, to learn a bunch of new computer geek stuff.

I do wish I knew how to put a blogroll onto this blog though. There are some pretty interesting people out there who write blogs. Much better than this one!

So the new computer will be here next Monday and I will again be able to post everyday and put up some of the pictures I have been saving. I may post again later if something interesting happens this week. Til then!


Hollito said...

I do wish I knew how to put a blogroll onto this blog though.

Wayne, that`s pretty easy. Just a few lines to be inserted in the HTML code of your blog. Shoot me an email when you are online again to hollito (at) and I can help you with this. :-)
Regards, Hollito

deistlikeme said...

LOVE THIS BLOG! My wife and I fantasize about living on Isla. Thanks for the vicaria.