Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Almost back!

I received word that UPS finally delivered my computer to the people who will be bringing it down to me. Geez. I paid extra for two day delivery and it took UPS over a week to get it to the right address! I think I may contest the extra fee for special delivery on my credit card. What a rip off. So, by next Tuesday I should be up and running on my own computer again and be able to post pictures too! I have some interesting ones of dolphins on display on the town square last week.

Only 16 days before we leave on our big driving trip. I am actually going to get to meet one of the people who's blog I read daily. Exciting stuff!


Hollito said...

Where are you going to drive?

Regards, Hollito

wayne said...

Stay tuned. Once I get my computer and can upload pics, you will see!