Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Day on North Beach

We used to visit this island as tourists and spend hours lying on the beach. That was the main reason we came here. Sun, sand and surf. Nowadays, except for high season when friends are here, we hardly ever go to the beach. We've recently spent a good deal of time at the beach and I had forgotten all there is to see there. And all the things there are to do there. Like what, you say? Well.........

You can sit on the shoreline and let people stare at you as they pass by.

Or you can lie in the warm sunshine and take a little snooze.

Sometimes you can even sleep sitting up.

Sometimes you can have your view of the water blocked by a pile of seaweed. Or worse.

You can always catch up on your reading.

Or just pass the time visiting with a good friend.

Or maybe just go for a swim.

Some local people come to the beach also. They seem to be just a bit more modest than the tourists though.

How modest you ask? Well take a closer look.

She actually has her bra on under her bathing suit!
I guess I should go to the beach more often. Never a boring moment!

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