Thursday, March 08, 2007

Keepin' Busy

It's been an eventful week so far. No, no more thief in the night, but busy all the same.

B's sister and brother-in-law arrived last Sunday from Buffalo, NY for a week. Unfortunately, the weather has once again turned shitty cold. By cold I mean around 78F everyday. And really cloudy with just a peek at the sun once in awhile. The wind has been so strong that I cannot ride my motorscooter along the ocean front road. It about blows me over! They are not beach people, so I guess it has been ok for them.

Sunday night we did a back yard barbeque and stayed in and just caught up on things. Monday night we took them to a Futball Rapido game. This is fast soccer played on a smaller field. Each game lasts an hour. A good friend of ours is a goalie on one of the teams. His team won, 7-3. Then we went for tacos.

Earlier in the day we had to say goodbye to Toronto. He returned back to the frozen north land after having spent a month down here. Sad to see him go..but he'll be back next year.

Yesterday we took them to our grocery store and then on a driving tour of the island. Today we are going out for breakfast as O, the cleaning lady, comes and we are not allowed to watch her clean! Not sure what is on tap for tonight, but probably nothing too late. They have to get up early tomorrow as they are heading out for a day trip to Chichen Itza, the Maya ruins about 2.5 hours from here on the mainland. We are not going with them. Been there, done that!

Got a call from our rental agent yesterday with another reservation for our cabana. We are now booked through solid through June 18! Nice. The extra income is always welcome.

OK, gotta go clean the house before the cleaning lady gets here. You know how that goes!

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