Monday, March 19, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

WTF is going on with the World's weather? Or, more importantly, with ours? First we will have a few days of truly gorgeous weather and then the cold front returns. As I type this, it is only 75F! I have all the doors and windows shut and actually have a blanket over my legs. (I suppose I could put long pants on but, hey, this is the tropics and I deserve to wear shorts!) It's not the air temp that is the killer. It's the wind coming in off the ocean. Wish I knew what the wind chill was!

The three of us took the ferry to Cancun yesterday and did our every other month total stock up shopping excursion. They're building this new huge pier next to the old huge wooden one. That will make three docks in a row with hardly any room for boats to negotiate in between them. It will be verrrry interesting to see what the heck they are planning to do with it.
Nothing exciting to report from Cancun. Just that we know better than to go shopping over there on Sunday when the entire population of Mexico has the day off. We wanted to go on Saturday but events kept us from going. (the beach was calling!) We came back with our backpacks stuffed to bursting and with a cooler full of meat that was so heavy that L had to carry it using both hands. We didn't dare carry it by the straps. Although grocery/stocking up shopping is always a big chore, we did get to have one of those great hotdogs they sell at the deli in front of CostCo.
For dinner last night, I broke out the charcoal grill. Yes, we use actually charcoal, not the brickettes that you buy in a bag. Grilled us up our splurge item of T-bone steaks. Almost a pound each and they were $3.80US each! Had some frozen corn on the cob in the freezer. Add a green salad with fresh veggies and we had ourselves a really nice American style dinner. The cats loved the fat and bones!
Today I have to reorganize the pantry. All 3 shelves. Ugh. It has gotten to the point where we can't find anything due to the disorganization. I mean really. Soup on the same shelf with jelly and tomato sauces! What is this world coming to. Good inside job for a bitterly cold day.
As I was typing this, I heard voices, English speaking voices, outside and the names of our neighbors being spoken. I went to investigate. Some American dude from down the street was warning our tenants next door (who leave on Wednesday) to be careful because of all the robberies (get it straight. No one was robbed. We were burglared!). Tenant was freaking out, thinking that some madman is running around breaking into homes at night and physically assaulting the inhabitants. My how these stories get turned around. I calmed him down, lied and said nothing happened here and, in the process, gave nosey neighbor from down the street several of my best i-hate-you-you-interfering-old-fart glares. Then I said I had work to do (finish this post!) and shut the door on them.


Laura said...

I had to laugh, you saying it's cold at 75! (With a blanket over your legs, to boot :-)

We had snow this morning, here in Michigan, and a high of 39. (Which felt quite warm to us!) It's all relative, I suppose.

I really enjoyed the cemetery pictures, also the pictures of the lush greens with purple flowers.

I also think getting locked in an old pirate's estate would scare the crap out of me!

Did you guys get your baseball bats? I think the little sneak may have learned his lesson, though. I hope so, anyway.

Shoot, I'm supposed to be leaving a comment, not writing a letter...

You all take care, and try not to freeze down there!

wayne said...

Yes, cold is relative! I'm a freeze baby to begin with so anything less than 85F and I start complaining! We did get our baseball bats. One is by the bed and the other is by the back door. I just hope we never have to use them!
BTW, I was born and raised in Michigan.