Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Catching Up

I have a love/hate relationship with high season. I love that a lot of old friends are here during this time and it is a time for catching up and making new memories. I hate that life seems to be a constant whirlwind of activities. I love that finally our friends in the tourist industry are making some much needed money. I hate that the tourists are everywhere, getting in the way of my daily living.

Our friend from CT left yesterday. Sad to see him go. He is usually here for two months but this year, for various reasons, was only here for two weeks. Another friend from MN left today as well as friends from New Orleans. Toronto is here until March 6. On March 4, B's sister and husband arrive for a week. Then we just got an email yesterday from another friend in MN who found a cheap flight and is coming down for the weekend!

Karneval ended last night. Thankfully. Although I enjoy seeing the dancers.....once....I get really tired of them blocking the streets with no warning and making driving downtown virtually impossible. There is only one road in/out and when they block it all you can do is to wait for them to finish shaking their booties. I'll be posting pics of them later this week.

Speaking of catching up, we didn't get home until 4am this morning due to Karneval festivities so I think I will go catch up on a little sleep now before we have to head downtown again tonight!

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