Thursday, February 22, 2007


A lot of thought went into this post. I asked a lot of people if they thought I should publish it. Most said yes. As long as it is true, why not? Because I don’t want to scare anybody from coming here to visit is one reason. But then, this was such a RARE event, I decided to post about it.

I have heard for years that there are no sharks around this island. So what is this???

A 12 foot Mako, that’s what! But what was it doing here, only 100 yards from one of the most popular swimming beaches in the Caribbean? Nobody knows and we can only speculate.
It was caught in some fishermen’s net and I’m sure they were quite surprised by it.

Makos are cold, deep water sharks. Something we have little of around here. It was caught shortly after Hurricane Wilma had passed by. Maybe it was just disoriented and lost. Maybe it had been following the dolphins and got caught in the net. Whatever the reason, it was surely a fluke of nature. About the wildest shark around here is the Nurse Shark, not even capable of attacking humans and it is a bottom feeder.

Needless to say, these pictures were taken by a tourist and were never published in our local paper here. In fact, this shark was cut up into pieces faster than you can blink! Never existed.

Forget the water, don’t go near the beach!

(yes, that’s me. Thanks to a photoshop buddy of mine!)

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