Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday Stuff

Not much going on. The renters in the cabana checked out this morning. I wish everybody who stayed there was that considerate. They even made the bed and did all the dishes!

Replaced the bathroom faucet yesterday. Have to replace the kitchen one today. I don't know why, but faucets just don't last very long down here.

While on that subject, one of the very bad things about living right on the ocean is the salt. It gets into and covers everything with a thin, slimy film. Especially the car. We have a carport but that doesn't stop the salt. My windshield wipers are almost totally rusted and I noticed yesterday while washing it that the wheels are starting to get a little rust. And the car is only two years old this month! At night, when you look at the streetlamps, it almost looks like it is raining because of all the salt mist. Whenever I go outside I am almost instantly blind because my glasses are covered in salt spray. Small price to pay, I suppose, for living where we do in this beautiful location.

Ok, how about a nice picture of a sunset taken from our back patio?

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