Friday, January 12, 2007

Local Shopping

We just bought some shrimp from our neighbor whose husband is a shrimper. I think we got a pretty good deal. We paid $3.31US per pound for peeled shrimp! Can somebody tell me how that compares to US prices?

Time to see what I got done this week from the list.

Clean the bodega. Who am I trying to kid with this one? It is definately not a one man job!

Wash the car. Done

Mow the cabana yard. Done, even though I disturbed 8 fire ant nests that I did not know about. They are mostly all gone now, the little so and so's!

Paint first coat on cement bench. Not even close. Between the rain this week and the constant driving wind, an impossible feat.

Sort t-shirts. Partly done.

Make cookies. Got saved from doing this. B made a cheesecake instead!

Deliver last two Christmas presents. Still not done! Who am I anyway, Santa Claus!

Finish Costa Rica story. Got two chapters done. Still have to do the conclusion.

I don't think I will be publishing anymore "to do" lists. Too much pressure to get things done. Hey, I'm retired! Ok, off to install a new faucet in the bathroom. Not on the list but I am going to do it anyway!


Brenda said...

Hi, just found your blog this morning and am enjoying reading it.
I have no idea what the price of shrimp is in the USA; but here where we live (Guaymas,Sonora,Mexico), I pay $5.00 per KILO (not pound) for shrimp. We are transplanted Canadians living in Mexico and I can tell you that shrimp were much more expensive there. Just one more benefit of living in Mexico.
I also have a blog about our lives in Mexico, you should be able to get to it (if you're interested) by clicking on my name, if not it is here:

wayne said...

Thanks Brenda. Always nice to get feedback. We paid $6.00 per Kilo by way of comparison.

I plan on visiting Guaymas this summer. Will be taking the ferry from Rosalita on the Baja. Have heard great things about your area.

I'll for sure be checking out your website!