Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Morning

I know, I know. I shouldn't complain about the weather here. After all, we did not just have an ice storm! But we have had raging winds for the last week. Blow you off your feet at times winds. Drive you crazy if you try to work outdoors winds. Really puts a damper on outdoor activities and projects. Two hours after I washed the car it was covered with sticky dirt. First the salt covers it with this slime and then the wind blows dirt that sticks to it. No winning for losing sometimes! I haven't even been able to ride the scooter for three days because I am afraid I will be blown over! Of course, that doesn't stop the locals. They still load up entire families on one scooter and go about their normal business. Wind, rain or shine, they are on those scooters!

With L gone this weekend we got a lot done. Don't know why that is. He certainly doesn't stop us from doing any activity or project we want. B did six loads of laundry! Of course, that included all the sheets from the cabana and all those towels and rags I had to take over there to sop up the water when the last couple checked in. With this wind, everything dried so fast.

I am putting together a 3 ring binder with all the stories I have written since moving here. Both hurricane adventures, our trip through central Mexico, the week we stayed with a Mexican family in the Yucatan, my trip down here driving the Jeep and, of course, the Costa Rica adventure. I didn't get everything printed because I ran out of black ink and I don't know where the extra cartridges are.* We also got a lot of artwork hung. Not an easy task because all of our walls our cement block covered with a layer of cement. Better be sure where you want to make that hole before you drill it!

L returns from the Big Apple today. It will be nice to have him home again.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Today is our anniversary. Mine and B's. We have been together for 27 years today. 27! Who would have thought! Like all "married" couples, good times and bad but I wouldn't trade him for anything. Well, somedays I would definately entertain offers. Not really. LOL!

*a package at Sam's Club of new cartridges for the LexMark printer costs $56! The printer only costs $45! Might be smarter to just buy a new printer each time!

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