Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Things

What a night last night! The wind howled all night long. Even though all the windows were shut it sounded like some great northern Minnesota blizzard was raging out there! Brr! And I kept waking up all night. I didn't figure out why until this morning. The wind was coming through the slats in the window and rattling the pictures on the walls.

L leaves for his 5 day work adventure in New York this morning. He has to fly through Miami and do immigration there. Sure hope he doesn't have any problems. He has a return ticket to Cancun of course but they may make him buy a ticket to England! Seems that is the pattern now for anybody entering the USA. They have to have a ticket back to the country of their passport. Ridiculous.

I never made cookies. B made a chocolate chip cheesecake yesterday. I am not overly fond of cheesecake but this one was really tasty. I had two pieces last night and then felt like I was going to throw up. It was that good!

Here's a picture of what the waves are doing today.

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