Monday, May 07, 2012

Better Look Up

I just got back from spending another week in my second home in Merida. As always, I had a great time there. I love that city.

Merida is full of little neighborhood parks and plazas. One thing I have learned the hard way is to always look where you sit and to look up before you sit.

Let me tell you, it is not fun to arise from a park bench only to discover that somebody's discarded wad of gum is now firmly stuck to your butt. Or that you have sat in a fresh pile of bird shit. So that's the look down part.

If you are going to sit in the shade, which is usually provided by the many trees, it is also wise to look up. The trees are quite often full of pigeons or those awful black gackels. Even if there are none present when you sit down, it pays to glance up once in awhile to make sure none have taken up residence just above your head. Within firing range.

More than once I have failed to heed my own advice and I have the ruined shirts to prove it. I seldom have a kleenex, towel or rag with me. Cleaning up fresh birdshit as it runs down your face or the back of your neck is totally disgusting and humiliating if you have to do it with your bare hand.

So, like I said, better look up!

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KfromMichigan said...

Very good advice. (even sitting under a palm tree sunbathing)