Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Isla's Biggest Eyesore

This is a post I have been working on for a very long time now. Months and months in fact. I wanted to show this monstrosity from start to finish. Problem is, I hate this building, I hate that it has been allowed to even be built here, I hate how it looks, I hate what they are doing to the beach and I hate what it represents.

I think it's pretty much done now. Or at least far enough along to really get a good sense of it. Big trucks have been parked across the street from it recently delivering mattresses and other furnishings. Plus I am sick to death of taking pictures of it. What you see here has been culled from hundreds of pictures I have taken.

I shouldn't even give this place the time of day on my blog. But it is now an integral part of the island so I feel I should mention something about it. Don't expect it to be nice though.

I'm going to start with pictures of Aluxes Condos (no relation to the coffee shop!) once it was high enough to start seeing what they were doing. This place is huge, to say the least. It sits on the northwest corner of the island, facing the mainland. It is located right across the street from Jax and next to the old cemetery. (the new cemetery is just down the road from me) You can't miss it.

Like all building endeavors in Mexico, all the safety measures for workers were taken. Yeah, right. Look at them walking on the girders.

And using really secure scaffolding.

Here's the view a few months ago taken from the car ferry.

One more rough construction picture.

What you have seen so far is the front of the building. If you take a few steps down the dirt road next to it, the one that goes to Playa Sol, you can get a look at the back side. As you can see, somebody ignored the no higher than 3 stories rule for building on the island.

The front side appears to have lobbies and entrances all along it.

I just can't express how this building makes me sick. It is just so not isla. Look how it dwarfs the cemetery.

When I was doing the article for Hotel Las Palmas, I was able to get this shot from their roof. Without this building, or if it were within the 3 story limit, one would have had a view of the ocean and the sunset. Pity.

But they didn't stop with just putting up this monstrosity of a building. Oh, no. They have now purchased a beach concession right across the street from them and are putting up a private beach area for the future residents of this condo complex.

The fence is just to keep people out during construction. I'm sure they will have security people to keep you out later.

Here you can see how close to the water they get. They can't use all the space to the water and keep people from using the beach. But they can leave only just a sliver of beach for the public to use.

Normally the hotels who purchase beach concessions put up wooden palapa buildings. Not good enough for these people. They are actually putting up permanent, cement block buildings. One can only imagine what they will be. Bathrooms? Beach bar?

They do have some palapas lying around that they will erect eventually. These will provide shade to the privileged.

I sincerely hope that nobody buys into this project, that the investors lose tons of money and that the next Cat 5 hurricane knocks it all down. And don't tell me about how many jobs this project has and will create. Not interested. There are many more eco-friendly projects that they could have done to create jobs.
End of rant.


K.W. Michigan said...

I agree .. an eye-sore for Isla. With the bad economy, they may go bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

I agree in total. North Beach in my opinion has been destroyed not by natural forces, but by what some call "progress."

My current far-fetched prayer/wish is this: An attractive altruistic billionaire will come along, purchase all the spiritually destructive monstrosities on Isla, and throw them all on top of the places where "progress" damaged the reef, thus creating new homes for the fish.


Sue said...

Wow - you saved me a ton of 'rant' energy, thanks for saying everything in my heart. There's nothing I can add, just grieving for what has been lost forever. Now, can you move up island to the other monstrosity? Or over to the one near Secreto? Heartsick, that's how I feel. Add that to the issue with the animal control and there are plenty of negative vibes. Never was paradise, but is less and less so as time goes by.

Life's a Beach! said...

Totally agree Wayne. I couldn't believe the slick mockup of the beach concession restaurant I saw posted on a board awhile back. They made no effort to even blend in with the character of the island or village area. It's sickening. The project dwarfs everything and it's there to stay. One more giant step forward in the obliteration of the character of the island.

Unknown said...

I'm with you - that monstrosity eye sore does not belong there. We watched them building it last May and were horrified and it looks even bigger now. I would never set foot in a place such as that.

CancunCanuck said...

Arrrrrrrgh, terrible, awful, sad and depressing. How did they get the permits to build that eyesore??? I think it was vital that you post this Wayne, not everything about life down here is pretty and it needs to be shared. I think I have made my view perfectly clear on my own blog, NO MORE NEW CONSTRUCTION IN QROO!!! There are enough half empty buildings around, no need for new ones......

jeanie said...

OMG!!!! Whoever gave the OK for this should be hung in the square.

Anonymous said...

When I arrived on Isla for our winter stay I took a walkd downtown by the lighthouse. I dont go downtown unless I have to. When I say that gross building project I became momentarily petrified. I couldnt believe what they had done and are doing to the island that I have been visiting for 24 years. We are now in Oaxaca for our annual month.If I could only see and feel the caribbean I would stay here.

el oso

Theresa in Mèrida said...

What an eyesore! Even if it was only 3 stories high it would be ugly. I wonder what lovely colours they are going to paint it?or are they going to just leave it prison gray? barf..

Anonymous said...

That's just the kind of thing we come to Isla to get away from. Has anyone ever heard of a Federal Zone? I wonder how many politicians got rich on this one. We have our own pet monstrosity which will be pictured up in next month's construction update. I am not against development. I am against irresponsible development and greed.

Islagringo said...

kw: we can hope!

jane: the superstructures along North Beach certainly didn't do anything to help the erosion problem, that's for sure. Your billionaire friend should join forces with the current Mayor. She wants to throw those ugly statues on South Point into the water too!

sue: I have tried to get pictures of that other monstrosity. In fact, I have posted some previously but you can only get one view of it...that from the road. They will not let you inside those giant walls to take pictures. I wonder what it looks like from the ocean side? I have heard that the condos in construction on Playa Secreto have gone bankrupt. I haven't seen any movement going on there for a long time now.

LAB: I so agree with you!

Dianne: let's hope others agree with you. To paraphrase a great movie phrase...if you build it, they won't come.

CC: you are so right. They can't even begin to fill the buildings they have. What makes them think that by building more, they will get more people? Weird.

jeanie: not a bad idea!

el oso: bitch all we want about development and the changing lifestyle here, but we always come back to that beautiful water, don't we!

therese: if you look at the pictures again, you can see the colors. It is going to be rojo viejo and white. Not bad, but still.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

LOL, I thought that was primer red and white cement! No way to dress up that pig, sorry!

Clarissa said...

What's crazy is that there are already "reviews" of this property on some of the online rental agencies. One on homeaway from a person who apparently just stayed there. Why don't I believe that!!!!?

BTW, love your blog. It's a daily read for me.

Anonymous said...

Talking to a National who has lived and worked on Isla for a long time was interesting to hear his perspective of the changes. He calculated in his head how many employees those new condos would need and commented that the island people do not have the education that they will be looking for so the employees will be coming from Cancun, Mexico City and other larger cities. One can only hope that between the employees and tourist there will be additional money making its way to local businesses.However, I am guessing the people who stay there will not venture far from thier base.
I did not take one single picture of the place my last trip. I HATE IT!!!!!

Have you checked out their website? “The resort features three "haute cuisine" restaurants.” WTF???

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree with you more. I've been coming to Isla for the past 13 years and have just recently moved here permanently. I absolutely HATE this building. It makes me sick.

Calypso said...

Wayne they built a similar monstrosity in the charming little town of Puerto Escondido - apparently they couldn't sell any of the condos - then they tried to make it a hotel unsuccessfully - of course the economy has worsened the situation - probably like your edifice a wrecking ball would be the best solution.

Anonymous said...

Wish I would have read this blog before I booked my vacation at this place...had no idea it was such a monstrosity.