Saturday, March 22, 2008


Man, not to complain, but I had NO idea of the work that was going to be involved in putting together this meeting next month. The dates are fast approaching and I need to get the final details worked out for venues, menus, number of rooms, etc. Therefore.............

1. The time for registering is closed. I am not accepting anymore reservations from people. If you happen to be on the island and spot us, come say hello but that is the best I can offer you now.

2. If you have registered and are listed on the sidebar of this or CancunCanuck's blog, I need you to send me an email (not leave a comment) at I need to put together a mailing list separate from this blog to gather and give information from and to all of you.

I need you to do this no later than this Wednesday, March 26

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Steve Cotton said...

Wayne --

You are a saint to do all of this. I just wish I could be there to meet this esteemed crowd. I feel as if I know almoast everyone who will be there.