Monday, April 30, 2012

A Visit From Charley

My Mexican "nephew", Charley, is 14 months old now and walking fairly well.  That means that when he comes to visit now, the house has to be kid proofed!  Too many things right at his eye level, or should I say grabby little hands level! 

This is his favorite position when he visits.  Propped up on a sofa cushion on the floor in front of the TV.  Cartoons of course!

He is starting to say a few

words.  Nothing that is comprehensible to his American uncles though!  Mama understands him quite well.  But isn't that true of toddlers worldwide?

We had made a cake for dessert the night they came over.  Here he is being taught the Mexican custom of "mordita".  Which means "little bite". 

But the trick is, as soon as you go to take that little bite, somebody smashes your face into the cake.  Waste of good frosting, if you ask me.

On another topic, this is my first post using the new Blogger format. So far I am hating it and don't quite understand it.  I have no idea what this is going to look like when posted.  Bear with me as I try to learn this new system.  Why can't they just leave a good thing alone?  They must have been talking to the Facebook people who are also always changing things.


Ann said...

Once you get used to the new format it's not bad. Great shots!

KfromMichigan said...

Your post looks good Wayne. And the little one is so cute!

Babs said...

Preciosa. I agree about Blogger. I liked things the other way and then they changed it. AAAArgh.......

I learned that after I write the blog if I go back to the right side of the photo between the edge of the photo and the first letter of the first word and hit the return lever, then the photo is centered and the copy goes beneath the photo. I'm sure there is an easier way but at least I found a way........another arrrrgh.

Calypso said...

Tio Wayne - cool and a fine looking sobrino!