Friday, February 24, 2012

The Odds And Ends

I'm going to finish up with Isla's parade today. Almost. Then we will briefly move onto Merida and then to Progreso.

This is a typical scene here on the island where a scooter serves as a family car. Normally one does not see somebody in a costume on them. Carrying balloons, yes. And yes, helmets are required gear here, but I think everybody looked the other way on this day.

I call these next two shots "Before and After". In the first one, we see this elderly princess and decidedly masculine escort in a natural, relaxed pose.

But, oh, just try pointing a camera at them!

If your daughter needs to see what is going on, what better way than this?

I thought these were the King and Queen. Somebody told me later that they were not. Mmmmm. At any rate, he gets the prize for most original use of a dryer vent hose.

Arrrg. We even had a contingency of pirates. Clowns and pirates belong on the same sinking ship, in my opinion. Enough said.

There's always time to text your girlfriend..

I never saw these scooters in action. This was the first time I have ever seen anybody dress up a scooter like this.

I think the pirates were riding them in the parade. Just a guess.

I guess she got the text!


Steve Cotton said...

This looks like great fun. I just wish we had something similar on the west coat -- or, in Melaque, at least.

Calypso said...

Our Carnival started last night here in Puerto Escondido - I think it is not as lavish an affair as yours judging from the photos - at least I cannot recall seeing a dressed up scooter(s)

KfromMichigan said...

Did you dress your scooter?? Can't wait to see Merida pics!