Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Here Come The Groups!

The dancing troups are always my favorites. They come in all sizes and descriptions. Children, mixed sexes, senior citizens, gays and, of course, the big, beautiful girls.

What I did not capture with the above truck load of girls was how drunk they were. These girls, and most of the troups, imbibe heavily throughout the day. Perhaps to keep their energy and spirits up. Perhaps only because it is Carnaval after all! These gals were certainly enjoying themselves and keeping the crowd amused with the tricks they were able to perform with those skirts and just barely there tops. Enough said!

A slightly more demure truck load but nonetheless colorful.

This was the Fishermen's Coop entry. Fred and Barney.

You can see the one girl admonishing her troup here. I think what she was saying was for them to get their shit together and straighten up those lines!

It worked!

There is always down time, just stand around time, in any parade.

I love how everybody is so cheerful and friendly during Carnaval. And yet, these are the same girls who look at you like you are crazy if you ask for something in the store where they work.

Well, maybe not everybody is as happy to be out in the heat and standing around as they should be.

I hope you're getting a kick out of Carnaval this year because there is a lot more to come. And don't forget, I will be posting from Merida and Progreso this year also. Yup, quite the Carnaval goer, that's me!


Ann said...

Looking for ward to all the posts! The costumes seem even more colorful than usual--some creative minds behind them!

Steve Cotton said...

Well, I see one difference in our two coasts. Almost all of our young women over here are Twiggy thin. There must be something in the water there.

lisa said...

There sure are some really bright colors!

KfromMichigan said...

Keep-em coming .. I'm enjoying the pictures!

Linda said...

Great photos, Wayne! thanks for sharing!!!