Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vroom, Vroom!

Of course, what would any celebration be without a classic car display and competition? I found it just a bit dismaying that some of the "classic" cars are ones that I lusted after in my youth! Especially the VW Bug convertibles. I still would like to have one.

So let's start with an old favorite of most everybody. The VW bus.

This one had been specially outfitted inside. I think my friend, Heather, in Playa del Carmen would absolutely go bonkers over this one.

Next up, a classic pickup. Sorry, but I forgot to write down the year of this beauty.

And there was an extra surprise classic to go with it. Sweet, just sweet.

Now this is more what I consider a classic. Something my grandfather would have had.

Remember these giant convertibles?

The giant front seats, non padded dash AND no seat belts! The owner told me that because of that he can only get a permit to display it or drive it in parades. It is not street legal.

Nice little pickup. I think I recall that it was a Willys.

And back to my all time favorite, the VW bug convertible. This one is a 1970 model.

Nice job of restoration on this one. The placard on it said 1939. Now that's old!

I'm not sure why, but I constantly thought of my friend, John C., from Veracruz and recently Puerto Escondido, while walking around and looking at these cars. I guess I thought that this would be something he would enjoy. Am I right John?

I hope you guys enjoyed this little trip down memory lane as much as I did.


Life's a Beach! said...

I love that red VW Bug! I'd trade it for my newer one anyday of the week! A friend in college had a yellow one just like it. My dad had a Chrysler model back in the 60's that looked like that grey convertible. He installed seatbelts in it in the backseat. He liked to tie my brother and I into individual spots because he thought we wouldn't fight. (Didn't work.)

KfromMichigan said...

You would love to be on my side of the state this weekend (actually all week). It's the Woodward Dream Cruise! Lot's of oldies!

Merida Mikey said...

I absolutely love those VW's you've photographed.

I've been itching to buy one for a few years now, but haven't done anything about it except scratched!

That bus looks mighty fine!

norm said...

I was 19 and in the market for a car, I was looking at a VW camper bus or a 69 ragtop 442 with a 4 speed on the floor-a flying machine. I asked my Dad what he thought, which one? Now here is his randy teenager asking about a death trap or a hotel away from home, he advised the death trap. I crashed it within a year drag racing. Father knows best.

Mary said...

Did you make the metro cruise in Wyoming while you were in MI? great fun. I love that little Willy's. Looks like a kissing cousin to my cube, LOL.