Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Here Birdie!

We don't have a lot of songbirds here on the island. Mostly because there is so little for them to eat. But we do have a plethora of sea birds. Here are a few.

The pier poles are a favorite resting place for the local pelicans and seagulls. Or maybe it is an outlook?

Once in awhile the seagulls will just wander around on the docks, not quite sure of what they should be doing or where they should be going. Much like the tourists.

Of course, the pelicans think the seagulls are just silly.

Although not a particularly pretty bird, pelicans are fascinating in their own right.

While sitting at my computer one day, it started to sprinkle outside. This bird landed on the wall that borders the back of my property. I think it is some kind of dove. It seemed to be taking advantage of the light shower to shower itself.

I had never noticed that blue ring around their eyes before. Maybe because I have never been able to get so up close and personal.

I'm really not very pleased with the way that the color doesn't upload to Blogger very well. It appears very washed out to me and has lost the brilliance and intensity that it has on the computer. I wonder what I can do about that?


Babs said...

The color of the water is exquisite!

Steve Cotton said...

Bilie and I have noticed the same thing. I take the time tio get the balance correct, but when I upload, the image is not what I thought it would be. I would be interested if anyone else has come up with a solution.

Calypso said...

Wayne - perhaps some post processing with a bit of sharpening and some intensity (color saturation) increase. Do you do any post processing? I know you have a new camera - but missed what it is. In any case we are enjoying the fruits of your new toy and labor - gracias.

Calypso said...

ooops just saw your camera description on the left - sorry.

I use the cannon Digital Photo Professional program which has the adjustment features I mentioned.

lisa said...

I just happened to look up your bird and it is a White-winged Dove! Pelicans are a very neat looking bird, defiantly not pretty!