Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Not every day that I was in Michigan started with 48F and ended with 65F. A few of the days were glorious versions of late Spring. I took the opportunity on one of these days to revisit someplace that is near and dear to my heart.

I remember going there as a child with the family and having a picnic and a day of fishing. (and getting made fun of because I refused to touch the icky worms!) Then, later, as a teenager, this became a favorite haunt for keggers and small drunken get-to-gethers with other wild, rascally pubescent youth. Thus I am not going to name the spot. But I will share its' beauty with you!

The way to the best vista is over this bridge. Bring mosquitoe repellent!

The large body of water here feeds this creek, which runs under the above bridge.

And, of course, every bridge has two sides!

If you take your time to really look, Spring will gladly show off for you. There were lovely little bouguets of cowslips.

The occassional jack in his pulpit.

And, naturally, the ever present dandelion. A weed with its' own beauty.

But this is what I came to see and I was not disappointed.

But wait. What's that out there in the water?


I don't know. Maybe because this is the type of environment I was raised in, but I think this type of place has just as much beauty and appeal as any beachside sunset. But I like them both!


Anonymous said...

It is stunning. I have always wanted to explore Michigan. One of my professors owns land there (not sure the specifics)and the pictures she would show me were breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

I think your Jack in the pulpit is actually a Lady Slipper

Babs said...

Michigan is an under appreciated state in my opinion. I took a trip there one summer around Memorial Day for ten days. Quite a diverse and beautiful place.
Your photos are lovely.
Thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

It looks like a very tranquil place when the keggers aren't happening.

Your camera's zoom is incredible. I barely noticed the small white spot in the previous photo which turned out to be the the swimmer in the next photo.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Your lake (pond?) photos are awesome!

Steve Cotton said...

Very nice essay. Like you, I admire the place where I was raised, but still enjoy Mexico.

lisa said...

I think just about every place has its own beauty!

KfromMichigan said...

Great pics! We do have some beautiful places, especially in upper Michigan. But, I still like your current view over looking the beautiful blue water.

Barb said...

The lake is beautiful but I especially love the first photo. The bridge has probably seen many a fishing line cast over its edge and the well worn path has heard children shriek with delight as they chase each other or discover new-found treasures. Around the bend, young lovers have hidden away from watchful eyes and stolen a kiss or two. Or maybe more. ;-)

Linda said...

What beautiful reflections!!!