Wednesday, June 22, 2011

By The Shore

I had to drive to Muskegon one day. That is where the closest Target store is to my hometown. I still had a few things on my NOB list to try to find. While there, it is only a short detour to head over to the shores of Lake Michigan. This was my ocean growing up.

My, how things have changed. It used to be a wild, wooly place and quite the hike to get over the sand dunes to the water. Now they have built these wooden walkways everywhere, making it easy to get to the water. Or at least see the water. I like that the Lake here is now handicap accessible.

There are the signs the go along with the 21st century crowds everywhere. Do this, don't do that, go here for this, don't do that here!

One of the smaller piers with its' lighthouse.

No hill is too small for these wooden pathways. There are two ways up. Stairs and a ramp.

It was cold the day I was there and nobody was in the water. Smart people, those Michiganders.

I don't think I'll be heading back to Lake Michigan anytime soon. Been there, done that. I prefer my beaches flat and my water crystal clear. Am I spoiled now?


lisa said...

You spoiled thing you ;) The lakes up here are pretty clear but they aren't quite as large as lake Michigan though either. I do love the ocean much better but it can be just as cold as the lakes. Brrrrrrr.

jennifer rose said...

Be careful. You never know how one single trip to Target can change everything. Look at what it did to that Russian dancer on Moscow on the Hudson: so much stuff, and so cheap.

Debi in Merida said...


KfromMichigan said...

Not spoiled .. I agree with you!

Jackie said...

I bet that lake is freezing. When I was younger it was nothing to jump in a high mountain lake in the early summer. Now I need it to be Isla warm water. Oh and it helps that the water is clear and I can see stuff.

BlueSky said...

Wow, didn't realize how big that lake is!!!

Linda said...

The water in Lake MI is frickin freezin!!! I put my foot in there ONE time, 25 years ago, and NO THANKS!!!