Monday, January 10, 2011

Lovely Pooh And Other Things

Before we move onto the other areas of the Fair, I did want to briefly take you to the petting zoo. It was called Ponylandia, meaning the Land of Ponies, even though there were several kinds of animals on display.

I thought it was going to be an area of baby animals. Although there were a few, most of them were miniature varieties. Like this donkey.

But these are not ponies. They are miniature horses.

Some of the many babies in this pen.

One of my all time favorite babies. Baby goats. Kids if you will. They are playing on those little chairs one buys for toddlers.

Scattered throughout the grounds were other animals too. Just running loose.

This next stand selling goodies to the public won, hands down, my unofficial official award for tackiest items. See if you don't agree.

Yup, that was glitter applied to all of them.
Need some new sunglasses? There must have been thousands of them on display throughout the Fair grounds.

Or a Lucha Libre mask? These are the masks worn by the "professional" wrestlers down here. A very popular item.

The obligatory balloon man. I think his pump must have been running out of air.

This next item is not what you may think it is. It is a purse for sale at the Winnie the Pooh booth. Although it does sum up my feelings for the picture that follows it.

Despite the fact that those full bowls reminded me of the outhouse at my Grandmother's cottage in the late '50's, they are actually different flavors of mole sauce. Google it.
Big butts are not uncommon here. Or anywhere for that matter. But they are almost celebrated here as objects of beauty. Look at how these mannequins are set up to display that feature.

And here's a shot of the games alley. Just like NOB, not much chance at winning a big prize at them. More of a chance at throwing away your hard earned pesos.

Every year, at every Fair I go to, there seems to be a prize of the year that everybody is offering. A large snake, a jumbo dog, a cuddly Penguin. Take a look at this year's most popular prize.

These things actually had the name Marlboro on them! No such things as copyright or franchise infringement here!
So tomorrow we will take a peek inside some of the buildings. You may be surprised at what we find!


Ann said...

Love all the fair stuff! That description of the mole is excellent! Since I have resigned my position as Secretary of the local fair I hope to get out to more in the area in the coming year!

Life's a Beach! said...

I'm headed out to buy some skin tight stretch jeans so I can be celebrated next week. I had some mole sauce in Bucerias that tasted just like the picture!

Steve Cotton said...

Great post. What you didn't mention is that big butts are usually counter-balanced with big breasts. The Earth Goddess look is still very popular in my neck of the woods.

Jan in Mississippi said...

Stuffed Marlboro cigarettes. Yuck!!

Jan in Mississippi

lisa said...

I never did like going to the games area of the fairs. I laughed at the butt area ;) Now the petting zoo was pretty cool. I agree with the tacky items too!

Jackie said...

I can't decide what's cuter the baby pigs or the kids.The cigs... well that is just wrong!

Barb said...

I should have been born down there where my big butt would have been appreciated