Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And Then There Were Things

Isn't this great material?! It shows various scenes and heroes of Mexico's Revolution and fight for Independence. I can see it as a party tablecloth. Maybe even curtains.

But I never expected to see it used like this! They made a colonial ball gown out of it. Patriotism, I suppose.

I don't even know how many great exhibition halls there are. A lot. All of them are as big as this one. And I am only showing you half of the inside in this picture.

Every possible thing you could want, or didn't even know you wanted, can be found here. Mexican things, of course. Things that would appeal to the typical Mexican shopper or housewife.

Table upon table full of that poured acrylic stuff made into kitchen magnets.

A few galvanized buckets.

Plastic anything and everything.

Blankets and towels, oh my! This was the section dedicated to Disney characters. Princesses are very big business down here.

What? Even more plastic?

Giant coffee cups. Or maybe they are bed pans?

Shiny aluminum pots. The kind that are guaranteed to burn the contents because they are so thin. But popular all the same. And cheap. Each set has 7 pots and various utensils included for a mere 350 pesos. $30 bucks to the peso challenged.

Need some new dinnerware? If you can't find something you like here, you just ain't looking. I bought some new bowls for the cabana. They match those cups in the baskets at the bottom of the picture.

Knives, forks, spoons. Of every description and quality.

Glass stir sticks. I was really tempted to buy an assortement of these as a present for my friend, Tico, at his bar. But he features mostly beer and Micheladas so probably wouldn't have much use for them. I wish now that I had bought some. Just because.

There are even things to hang on your wall. If you are so inclined.

Some even offer a welcoming greeting.

But my absolute, hands down, no ifs, and or buts, favorite thing were these shot glasses. There were three different sizes available. I don't want to shock you too badly so I am only showing you the small size.

Maybe I bought a bunch of these for friends. Maybe I didn't. I'm not saying!


Ann said...

LOL ! All the schlock just like at the Agricultural Fairs around here--all except the shot glasses!

KfromMichigan said...

WOW .. I'd spend hours looking!

judysquiltsandthings said...

Those 'giant coffee cups' look like pots for little kids potty chairs. Mother used my younger sister's without the chair when we traveled.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Every year we go to the fair and I always shop in that shed. It's amazing what you can find. Somehow I missed the swizzle sticks, I think I might have bought some if I had seen them.

Jackie said...

Uh huh! Nothing says "class" like a matching penis shot glass to go with the penis pipe.

lisa said...

Now that is one shot glass that I don't have and I have a lot! So funny ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

Sir, May I suggest you have spent a bit too much time with that bull?

janfrom mississippi said...

I think you should put the shot glasses out at a get together with friends and see how long it takes for your friends to figure out what they are drinking from.
Jan from Mississippi

Islagringo said...

Lisa: LOL! Just think of the fun you and Three Collie would have with those! If I had any extra, I would sure send them your way!

Martina said...

I love these pictures, I am fascinated by places like this!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the penis pipes you used to see for sale on Hidalgo! Jejejeje!!!