Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zippity Doo Da

Another place I like to periodically visit is the overlook at Garrafon National Park. On a clear day, the view to Cancun is incredible. As is the water. I never get tired of this view.

On the particular day that I stopped there, the zipliners were out in force.

I particularly like the ones who get scared and put on their brakes too soon. The worker guys then have to hand over hand out to them and pull them in.


lisa said...

Now that looks like fun;) Your water is like our mountains, you never do get tired of looking at it!

Steve Cotton said...

Ah! Another spot for me to break the other ankle. Though, I doubt linerrs can get up to 40 MPH on that short ride.

Jackie said...

I have this view as my computer wallpaper. I too never get tired of looking at it. The water colors are amazing.
My niece and her friend wanted to do the zip line but once they spent a day or two at the beach they could care less about doing anything else.

KfromMichigan said...

My girlfriend was one that had to be rescued. It was a few years ago and the first time she was on a zipline. I laughed my head off! That water is the most beautiful .. never get tired of looking at it .. thanks for the pictures!

Croft said...

We are flying into Havana on Monday. It looks like the hurricane is not giving you too much trouble so I hope Cuban weather is as good.