Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Beachy

On a sunny day about a week or so ago, I decided to hop onto the motor scooter and go check out some beaches.

It looks like further efforts are underway to reclaim some beachfront by the NaBalam beach.

They are meeting with some success.

In order to make more room for rentable palapas and beach chairs. Notice how many takers they get.

Over on North Beach, by the Hotel Maria del Mar, reclamation efforts are also continuing. More beach area for them not to clean the seaweed, as required by law.

They have extended the successful post reclamation further out to sea.

Gratuitous picture of people enjoying the sea just to the left of the above picture.

The area of beach remains about the same on the bay side of the island, in front of the Posada del Mar.

Although this bay side beach is not the best for swimming, it certainly has the most beach area.

There you go. Just a quick update.


Arizona Kelly said...

Well shit. It was nice while it lasted. I guess Paula will take care of the few grains we still have out there!

Ann said...

Nice shots--made my morning--cool & cloudy here in NE!

Life's a Beach! said...

Interesting that the area of beach that was pristine on our first trips, namely the area in front of Maria del Mar, now looks like an unkept backwater. I have to wonder what they're thinking since the appearance of the beach would obviously affect their occupancy rates. But then again, why would you insist on charging your guests for beach chairs when they're provided at all the other beach hotels?

Jackie said...

I disagree about the Posada Beach and that stretch being regarding swimmable. I think the bayside is great for swimming. The access is easy, it quickly gets deep and as long as you stay inside the rope there is no worry about boats. Also it's about the only area that is not windy when there is a norte like there was for several days last week. The only reason that I don’t spend more time there is that all of concessions along the bay charge for loungers. I did actually spend three days last week at Aluxes beach club. Although they charge for chairs and the palapas all food and beverage purchase go toward the cost. And I got to have Carlos as my waiter two days.
The tiniest beach is the one at the Avalon! The only reason I even saw the Avalon beach is because we drove there Sunday to see if my borrowed golf cart was parked there.