Monday, August 30, 2010

I Have A Right To Complain

The weekend from Hell. That's what it felt like around here.

Because of the problems we have with break-ins, I have only mentioned to a very few people that we have been planning a big vacation. Since last March actually. We were to fly to Huatulco again for the month of September. I can not adequately explain how very much I was looking forward to that.

With the insolvency of Mexicana Airlines last Saturday, there went our tickets. We spent over six hours on Saturday getting our money refunded, trying to find alternative carriers or ways to get to Huatulco. It just wasn't happening. We finally bit the reality bullet and cancelled everything. The condo, the rental car and our plans for a good time.

Before anybody can say it, yes, there are buses that go there. If you want to sit on one for 23 hours. I surely don't. Or we could have flown to Mexico City, on to Oaxaca City, spent the night there and boarded a bus the next morning for the 8 hour trip down to the coast through the mountains. Then did the reverse at the end of the month. Not only do I not want to do that, but the cost of those tickets is almost equal to what my whole vacation budget would have been.

And...there are only 3 airlines that service the tiny airport in Huatulco. One was Mexicana (Click) and the other two leave from the United States. I am not going all the way to the United States just to get a flight back south again. And then reverse that too. Again, way too much money.

To keep myself from falling into depression over this, activity was on the agenda. I went upstairs and washed and swept down the entire second floor balcony. I think I sweated all of my frustrations out up there!

So, feeling just a bit despondent, we decided to go out for awhile Saturday night. No big deal, just get out of the house for a bit. As we passed by the Pointer, which is parked in the tuck under garage directly in front of the house, we noticed that the driver side door was ajar.

Yup, let's now raise the count to 15 times that we have been burglared or stolen from. I keep nothing in the Pointer because I don't lock the doors. It appears that the thief took off the cover for the fuse box and helped himself to 7 fuses. Of course, he did not slam the door shut or we would have heard him. He just kind of pushed it closed. I am forever flabbergasted at the balls and blatency that some of these thieves have. We could have walked out onto the porch at any time. Probably best that we didn't though.

So, anybody want to argue with me as whether or not I have a right to complain right now?


Arizona Kelly said...

It appears as if some of my luck is rubbing off on you! So sorry to hear about your vacation and yet ANOTHER break in. Damn it!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

What the bleep? stole the fuses out of your car? yeah, time to move.
Husband and I want to travel around the republic and are constantly amazed at how much it would cost.
We've decided that the best combo is to take Aerobus to Monterrey and bus it to other places. So we have short bus trips.
Life just sucks sometimes, I am sorry that you are having such a hard time right now.


lisa said...

I know how buses are and I sure agree with you, no way would I want to be on one for 23 hours!!! Its to bad you couldn't take the trip though!

ronnie said...

It sounds like you live in Brooklyn!!!

threecollie said...

You do indeed have the right to complain.

Life's a Beach! said...

So sorry Wayne. What a disappointment. The demise of Mexicana and high airfare prices are double whammies to tourism in Mexico. And fifteen times is just absolutely bizarre. What's next -- a barred cage for your car?

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side.. You might not of gotten you money back on your Airfare tickets..

KfromMichigan said...

You have a right to complain! Glad you got your money back tho. Sorry about the trip. Stealing fuses! Good gosh, at least you didn't catch them with the possiblity of getting hurt. Hang in there my friend, things will change for the better!

Anonymous said...

Wayne, I hate to have to say this, but this kinda shit ain't gonna stop; somebody's got your number, and they're trying to drive you nuts. I mean, NOBODY steals car fuses ....!!!

The way I see it, you have a coupla coices:

1. Move
2. Launch a commando campaign to inflict deadly harm on anyone who threatens you (which, under the circumstances, could be entertaining & fun.... I mean, what are they gonna do..? Steal some more from you..???).
3. Move

These peckers have got you by the short and curlies, and it's their turf ..... it's either be creative, or cut your loses .... I wish I could predict that it'll all go away, but I think we all know better ...(15 TIMES..?????)

O Robert

Jackie said...

You definitely earned the right ti complain. What a load of crap stealing fuses.

Jane said...

Maybe it's someone who wants to live in your house?

Steve Cotton said...

Your comment about cleaning the patio reminded me of the photo where there were multiple yous. Hang in there buddy. There are some better places to live in our part of the world.

Merida Mikey said...

Fifteen times???? Whatever happened to 3 strikes and you're out???

I think that "they" have your number and will stop at nothing to get you to move. Personally, I'd accommodate them in a heartbeat. No place in the whole world can be that nice to live in!

I think you have been EXTREMELY fortunate not to have been physically harmed during one of these unfortunate incidents, but realize that the odds are against you at this point.

Time to re-think locale?

So sorry your vacation was grounded thanks to Mexicana.

D and B W said...

WTH Wayne...I am still sitting with my mouth hanging open in disbelief...WTH.
I pick O Robert door number two!
I am sooo danged sorry that this is happening.

Anonymous said...

Oh Robert's POST was WONDERFUL.

Joanne said...

I have a tiny inkling of how you are feeling. We have had two DVD players and a clock radio liberated from our rental suites in the past month. Also, our car had one door unlocked and all our change (for the red flag guys) was taken and the glove compartment rifled through. My fault on the rental suites as I left them unlocked to air them out. We are pretty sure it is our neighbour's son. The timing is too perfect. We can't accuse him, of course, just be more careful and hope he doesn't break any windows or locks.

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...


Realize that you folks (I'm speaking to the idiots responsible for Wayne's travails) are extinguishing the ONE MAIN REASON expats settle there; Peace and Relaxation, and an appreciation for the Life that generations of central americans have managed to create.

You Are Creating The Antithesis of That Goal, all in the name of hubris.

Good luck with your island, sinking in the sea.

Anonymous said...

Wayne, sucks !! Do you have cameras ??? The nanny-cam type. would love to see pictures of the creeps. I am having a mixed feelings about this if it were me. Part says move...the other says Gawd damn it, you(whoever they are)are NOT taking me down ! Like the movie where Katie Bates says...I am older and I have more money (and in yoour case) more intelligence. I will get you *ss!
Having pictures to post all over the internet and Island of the creeps....priceless.

kris said...

hmmm I wish we could brainstorm some clever sort of sabotage backlash. we also just had word that our small house (currently vacant) was broken into on Isla...
seems maybe they only took a blender... (not being much else of value available...)but, it's the 2nd attempted (this time successful) break-in
also, I know a friend whose door was kicked in...for a jar of coins.
it's petty crime, by petty thieves

Brenda said...

Another thing, get a large Virgid de Guadalupe wall plaque. Mount it on the front of your house above the door. Most Mexicans are religious,even the thieves. It may act as a deterrent.

I don't know your faith, but when I leave my home I as the Lord to cover my home with the blood of Jesus and to build a hedge of protection around it. It has ALWAYS worked for me.

You are in my prayers.

Mary said...

Just catching up on your blog. Maybe something like this: