Friday, August 27, 2010

Featuring.....Bally Hoo

The battery on my Honda Beat scooter is dead. That's what happens when you leave it sit in the storage garage for three months without starting it. So what does that have to do with today's post?

Nothing really, except that that is how I "scoot" around the island with ease to take pictures for the blog. It is a bit difficult with the Tracker because I can't just go "Wow!" when something grabs my eye and pull over. Once I get the scooter running again, I will return to island pictures.

But for now, I have a series of restaurants, bars and other places I want to share with you.

Bally Hoo has been around for awhile. It is easily missed because of it's location. That is both a plus and for them, a minus. It is located directly behind the Pemex gas station on Rueda Medina, the street that runs along the bay side of the island. Look for the three palapas.

They have been known to people who live here for quite awhile. For some reason, they are never crowded. Pity. They don't play blaring music to drown out your conversation and the service, and atmosphere, is always pleasant.

They have recently added a new feature to their menu...breakfast. That is my favoritest meal to eat out. I am always on the look out for a new, good, reasonably priced breakfast place. As you can see from one of their signs, they are also famous locally for their tempura fish and chips. But I think I have found an even better place for that. Ah, another post!

The seating area under the palapa is actually a wooden deck built over the water. And there is always a breeze. The view to the left is more towards the downtown ferries.

I love that this is such an old place and it still contains the remnants of docks and piers gone by. The docks you see are still very much used by local fishermen, a few charter type boats and the little fishing pongas that bring over a tourist or two from Punta Sam or Puerto Juarez.

A view from the dining area looking back towards the street.

But, oh, the breakfast food!
This is a breakfast baguette omelet. Hot, delicious and crunchy crust bread.

A breakfast wrap. Almost big enough for two people.

Scrambled eggs. Your choice of bacon, ham or chorizo sausage. These have chorizo. Most orders come with a side of these HoJo potatoes. Again with the crunchiness and flavor. I dislike most beans. Which makes eating here a challenge sometimes. However, I do like the refried beans they serve here.

Most breakfast items run in the 45 to 65 peso range. ($3.75-5.45) Coffee is extra at 15 pesos a mug ($1.25) but it is bottomless.
They open at 5:30 AM so if you have to catch an early ferry to Cancun or the airport, this is a great place to grab something to eat first. I hope that if you are on the island, you give them a visit.


Anonymous said...

They have a sign above the bar that says "Slow Food". So, naturally i ordered turtle. Boy, was service slow after that:-))

Anonymous said...

those look and sound wonderful! great location! i'm surprised it's not busier. ahhh, on another rainy wa. summer morning, i wish i could be there right now.

have a great weekend wayne.

teresa in lake stevens

Anonymous said...

YUMMMMM!! Love your blog!

Linda said...

Those fried taters look YUMMY!!!


Life's a Beach! said...

Love Bally Hoo! It's the coolest place (literally) to eat when it's hot. I used to love their fish and chips, but I think the cook has changed. But it's not hard to find something else on the menu that's good! It's also a great place to watch the sunset and have drinks with friends.

Jackie said...

Oh good, another breakfast spot to try.My favorite place to eat breakfast used to Elements of the Island. I hear the Rooster is good. Have you eaten there?

BlueSky said...

Sigh...wish I was there too right I really have to wait another year to come back???? Seems too long...thanks for these posts, we will definately check them out when we are FINALLY able to return...

Ann said...

Finally, a place that opes early! Since the Red Eye closed there really hasn't been a place that opens before 7:30 & I'm up & out early!

Anonymous said...

Love reading about every one of your restaurant stops (along with the fab pictures). You could become Isla's roving restaurant reporter . . . seriously!

Carol from Michigan

Anonymous said...

loved the guacamole and 4 beer special and i think it was only 60pesos while i was there back in march.can't wait to be there,but for now love your post. Carlos from the Bay area

Steve Cotton said...

Looks like a great spot to eat when I visit in November.