Friday, August 20, 2010

Help Me Remember

When the latest burglar broke in and stole my computer, he also got everything stored on it. Maybe. If he ever got it turned on.

Strangely, he also took my backup CD that was sitting on it. I had put all my important documents on that disc. (insert heavy sigh)

One of the documents that is now lost to me is the list of contributors to the charity Project Warm Hearts. So I need your help.

If you have made any type of contribution to the charity this year, please send me an email with your name and, if you like, what your contribution was. Some of you I vividly remember but I do not want to miss thanking a single person on Christmas Day. Let me know at

Thank you.


lisa said...

That alone was enough to piss anyone off!

Calypso said...

such a violation amigo - really a drag. I guess some contributors sent directly to you - otherwise I could supply that info?

Hang in there my friend

kris said...

I read your blog regularly, and love what you do & what you write and also admire your tenaciousness to hang in there. You are a good person, doing good things. We are going to be bringing bags of new fleece hat/mitten sets to you in late fall when we come to Isla.
take care... k

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