Thursday, April 08, 2010

Under The Arches

Directly across from The Plaza de la Independencia, or zocolo, and kitty corner from The Cathedral Sits a series of shops, cafes, restaurants, book stores, internet cafes and a wonderful hall of murals.

The murals depicts the birth, life and ultimate Conquest of the Mayan people. A must see in Merida.

There is a walkway Covered Entire That runs the length of the street. After a hard day of sightseeing, shopping or more Likely in Our case, we like to sit at one of the sidewalk cafe and Have a leisurely cup of coffee.

Do not let the above picture fool you. This place is busy Usually remove. I Just Happened to catch a lull in the traffic.

Most of the locals now Even Better Than to try to get through the rush of Tourists under the arches. Like this native woman dressed in the native of the Yucatan wear for women ... the huipul.

Here's One of Those tourist buses I Was talking about now!

Tomorrow we visit a real Mexican night!


Jamqueen said...

I see what you mean about blogger messing with your words. Thanks for this great tour of Merida!

Jackie said...

I'm liking this backseat tour of Merida. Keep it coming.