Friday, April 09, 2010

Noche Mexicana

Ah! Noche Mexicana (Mexican Night) in Merida. What fun.

Every Saturday night this kind of dead end of Paseo Montejo, the main boulevard outside of downtown Merida, is closed off to traffic and open to a night of celebrations.

The place is packed with locals and tourists alike. As you approach, you are assailed by vendors of every description lining the street. Arts and Crafts abound.

Marking the end of the vendor zone and the beginning of the food and entertainment zone is, as usual, the balloon man. I love the balloon man. He is everywhere in Mexico.

At the far end of the street is a stage. A myriad of performers grace it. From Mariachi singers to comedians. From solo singers to dancers bedecked in various costumes of the regions of Mexico.

The painted backdrop this particular night was of a Spanish mission. Similar to the ones made popular in Amerian westerns. Some of the performers, especially the Aztec dancers, looked kind of funny juxtaposed in front of it. Here we have the great sound of a marimba band.

IMHO, this time around there was a serious lack of food vendors. A lot of them were gone, replaced by more tables and chairs to enjoy what food there was on offer. I'd rather stand and eat a taco and have more choices of food.
At least I got my salchipapas!


lisa said...

Looks like a good time!!

Linda Dorton said...

Geez Wayne,
What a fantastic series about Mérida. Kind of makes me feel bad for not posting these kinds of things myself. Really, very nicely done.

Jamqueen said...

Am enjoying these posts!

KfromMichigan said...

That is my favorite time in Merida. Love all the vendors and the music!

Anonymous said...

Such a mind-twist from what Isla has to offer .... I can understand the climactic differences, but what a cultural contrast .... nice stuff...!

O Robert

(p.s. Quit eatin' that fried hot dog/fries thing....I wanna make sure you're still there the next time we come down...)