Monday, February 15, 2010

Tragedy Strikes Isla

While coronation festivities were taking place downtown on the square, a tragedy was occurring in the newly organized colonia of Guadalepena. This is the area just south of me that was formally known as the "invasion", an illegally occupied area of land.
Many stories of exactly what happened are floating around. Por Esto, our local paper, reports that the fire was started when three propane tanks exploded. One, or more, of them evidently had a leak and a nearby burning candle ignited the fumes. The family who left the candle burning was not home at the time of the explosion. Otherwise we would probably be looking at more than property damage.
Nineteen homes were damaged, nine of them totally consumed in the fire. These families lost everything they own. Additionally, a nearby home, not part of the settlement, was badly damaged.
The charitable organization, PEACE, here on the island has immediately jumped in and is organizing collection efforts to replace some of the items lost by the families. For now, donations of almost every kind are being accepted at the La Gloria English School.
Thanks to PEACE for the following photos of the total devastation experienced.


Jackie said...

Two of the students that are part of the Isla sponsorship program lost their homes. Our group also stepped in to help out. Thank God no one was hurt in this tragic fire.
Check out Isla Mujeres Scholarship Group on FaceBoook.

lisa said...

That is a shame. I hope there wasn't any human casualties.

IslaZina said...

Thank God no one was hurt. A less on in leaving candles unattended. Mincing words, but THAT was the cause! I took multipak cans of tuna and other eat of of the can items. Renters took clothes. Linens are being accepted. Head of Housekeeping's son was excited by his new generator and laptop...It's not likely anyone will replace that! But, the government has promised to reconstruct and bring up to code and possibly look for other land. That would be the silver lining!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for all affected by this fire.


KfromMichigan said...

How sad .. I wish them all well.

Jamqueen said...

Thanks, Wayne, for this post. The student we sponsor is part of one of the families that lost everything. I did a post on my blog yesterday about them. We have been on the phone & computer for the last few days keeping up with the info. We thank God there were no lives lost!