Friday, February 05, 2010

It Never Seems To End

Here we go again. Street destruction.

This time around they are tearing up Avenue Abosolo. The only remaining street that runs west to east across downtown. Or from the bay to the open ocean.

At least when this is done, downtown will have all new streets and drainage. A needed thing.


Steve Cotton said...

Isn't it great that the municipalties provide us with all this blog material?

1st Mate said...

Too bad they have to undertake it during the busiest season. But it would be hard to do in the rain. And new streets and drainage is definitely something to look forward to.

Sam and Bob said...

I think all of the Mexican towns are repairing their streets. We were in Oaxaca City in December and one could barely get around by car. Thank goodness we were walking.

We arrived in San Miguel in January and the same thing here.

Everyone must be getting ready for the celebration in September of the Bicentenario.

xoxo, Jane said...

Yes, Steve Cotton (whoever you are), Isla is very fertile territory, if you know what I mean!

ronnie said...

Can you dig it ????

Jackie said...

This should be the last street in town that needs to be done. Right?

Brenda said...

Hope you are OK.
We just got 4 dolphins shipped into our delphinario from Isla Mujeres the other day. The delphinario and dolphins are used to give therapies to handicapped children.
Hope they do OK.