Monday, January 18, 2010

Something I Hate To See

I had to make an unscheduled trip over to Cancun yesterday. I am so organized that I did not notice that one of the medications I take only had one pill left in the box. So off to Sam's Club where they are cheaper than here on the island.

As we were driving home from the ferry, I noticed police officers standing along the cliffs down the road from me. Then a little further along, more were lining the embankment. All were looking down into the water.

There is one spot where the road is now close enough to the cliffs that I can see down into the water. I was really expecting to see a body floating in the water. I was relieved to not see any. What I did see upset me almost as much.

It was a large bunch of driftwood. Very clearly the remains of some boat. Evidently some poor group of people never made it here to the land of promise and their dreams. I can only speculate as to their fate. I'm sure it was not pleasant.


KfromMichigan said...

Probably from Cuba?! So sad.

Anonymous said...

So sad.


SonoraTim said...

It had to be from Cuba... right? How is the weather this time of year in Isla Mujeres?

Islaholic Trixie said...

How sad!! :(

Islagringo said...

I've been following the paper closely for the past few days. No mention whatsoever of what I saw. Maybe it was just a lot of driftwood??

SonoraTim: it has been cold lately but the past few days have been returning to normal. Usually sunny and in the low 80's.

Steve Cotton said...

But the newspapers may not cover a situation that is just a bit troublesome for some of your neighbors.