Thursday, January 14, 2010

Of Note

Gleaned from our local paper, a few tidbits:

I knew something like this would happen. Dredging near Cozumel island has disturbed the breeding grounds for the already endangered pink conch. Officials are analyzing the impact this will have on the species.

Yesterday 150 sweaters were given out in three neighborhoods on the island. The three poorest ones. I wonder who decides which one is poorer than the other?

Fishermen are turning to other sources for income. The lucky ones have another skill they can fall back on, like cement worker or carpenter. They have been unable to go out to do any fishing for 20 days now due to the cold weather and rough seas. We're talking boats 40 feet or less. Unless it was caught from one of the larger boats, you are all eating frozen fish and shrimp. But, like I always say, even frozen fish here is going to be fresher than anything you can get NOB right now.

DIF, Mexico's equivalent to our Welfare system, has announced a mass wedding ceremony will take place at city hall on the mainland. (Isla Mujeres is not just an island) More than 50 couples have registered already. Cheap but efficient way to get married.

Cold front #23 is expected to swoop in on us by this weekend. Temperatures will drop to 9C, 48F. Get your beach time in now and then prepare to bundle up again.

There you have it. Just a few tidbits from the island paradise.


Jackie said...

I managed to get a beach day yesterday. My tan, what there is of it was starting to fade ;>)

Very few daytrippers. Golf carts and motos are sitting unrented, restaurants are suffering from lack of business, especially those along the waterfront on Medina. Not a soul at Brisas Grill the last couple of afternoons when driving by.

This was hoped to be the high, high season to make up some for the previous really slow months. I have spent the holidays on Isla for the last six years and have never had this kind of cold weather long term or seen it so quiet.

I leave tomorrow as the next cold front moves in. For a lot of visitors this is their once a year trip to Isla and they won't be back until next year. Unfortunately some may write off Isla and not return at all after their experience. I will be back maybe as soon as March and then a couple more time this year.I am one of the lucky ones.

KfromMichigan said...

OMG 48F .. we are at 35F today & the weekend (that is the day temp) .. heat wave for us! Keep Warm.

Jamqueen said...

I will be arriving for my once a year trip, and while I hope the weather will be warm some of the time, I won't hold it against the island if it isn't. We've have 10 years of fabulous weather so one bad one won't sour me on Isla. Hope I packed enough warm clothes!

Steve Cotton said...

I swill be joining you in Mexico on Saturday -- but I will be announcing something soon.

Sue said...

What? 9C? Can't be true!!

Life's a Beach! said...

Wayne, I had to check the date to make sure I wasn't reading on an older post. Another cold front!!! Unbelievable to keep getting those kind of record-breaking low temps! I'd never thought about that kind of impact on the fishermen. I hope it ends soon!

Anonymous said...

I will be arriving on Sunday and has it a bit warmer than you are reporting. What's up with that? Do I pack swimsuit or snowsuit?

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear another cold front is on the way. We're definitely changing our plans to come from March to April.